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Alexis’ Heirloom Gem Necklace Chapter 1

When Alexis came home after school, she was sure that she’d be welcomed by her favorite chocolate brownies, scrumptious as only mother could bake. What she got rather was unpredicted.

The chocolaty goodness was awaiting her and emerging mobile devices, but alongside it had been just a little box as well as an old envelope addressed to her inside a handwriting she faintly recognized, but could not place. She smelled the envelope, and also the sweet, comforting smell required her to years back when she’d take a seat on the porch in her own grandma’s lap… Is it feasible? Could this be considered a letter from Granny?


She rapidly opened up the letter and saw it had become signed by Granny. But exactly how was this possible? Granny died six years back. They must wrote the letter years back coupled with trained with to Mother allow it to her.

Alexis shoved among the brownies into her mouth, selected in the little box and also the letter and visited take a seat on the porch with what was her grandma’s favorite rocking chair. She opened up the letter, and began to see:

Oh my gosh Alexis,

If only I might have been there personally to provide you with this treasured gift and to let you know the storyline us has transpired on for hundreds of years from grandmother to daughter on her behalf 16th birthday.

This story explains the beginning of your way from the pearls that you are holding and also the ancestor to whom you had been named.

Pearls?! Alex opened up this area and located a lustrous gem necklace glimmering within the mid-day sun. With tears welling in her own eyes, she ongoing studying her grandma’s letter.


In 348 BC, the very first lady who used these pearls banded within the Parthenon on her behalf 16th birthday, praying towards the goddess Athena for knowledge and strength.

Her name was Alexys, and she or he was the oldest daughter of the pottery maker from Sparta, A holiday in greece. She was on her behalf last visit to Athens before she ended up being to marry the boy of the tyrant from Sparta.

This tyrant was cruel, and that he ruled the folks in the territory by having an iron hands. He treated slaves like creatures, and also the working class needed to endure high taxes, departing little to give their own families. Following the marriage, her family ended up being to get a substantial amount in the tyrant, which may leave them residing in comfort which help to cover her siblings’ education.

Alexys’ name, much like your personal, means ‘protector of mankind.’ She was kind and try to looked out for other people and exactly how the tyrant and the boy socialized was against exactly what she supported – exactly why she found herself before Athena’s statue that morning.

She’d supported her childhood friend, Pericles, an ambitious poet, to Athens. He ended up being to perform your evening, even though he was preparing, she walked with the Agora, a marketplace within the shadow from the Acropolis. Her attention was caught through the stall of the Phoenician trader who had been selling wares in the East. She was curious to determine what he’d.

The trader demonstrated her an ideal gem necklace and informed her that pearls were the gems worn through the pure of heart and they were symbolic of knowledge.

Alexys was without words at the good thing about these gems, but, because the simple daughter of the pottery maker, she could not manage to purchase the pearls and told him just as much. The trader informed her that Athena had visited him inside a dream the prior night. She foretold the daughter of the pottery maker would visit him. He ended up being to make certain she playing the gem necklace otherwise his wares would not be bought through the people of Athens.

Since his livelihood relied on selling his wares on the market, he was prepared to take something that Alexys needed to offer him. She gave him the couple of coins from her purse along with a small pottery flask that contains essential olive oil that her mother had made. He recognized.

Your evening, she met track of Pericles. The amphitheater was packed and also the music from the bards and verses recited by poets filled the environment. As though confirming her inner struggles, if this was Pericles’ turn, he recited certainly one of their own poems about knowledge, courage, and treating others based.

Afterward, they spoken for hrs underneath the stars. Once the light began to creep within the nearby Acropolis, they made the decision: they would try to escape together in order to save her from the existence inside a tyrants’ household.

After days on the highway, they made the decision to stay in Thessaloniki around the opposite finish of A holiday in greece. They later received word from Sparta the tyrant had bending her family’s taxes in revenge on her desertion. Affected by feelings of guilt, Alexys and Pericles labored hard until they might finally manage to send on her family.

It had been no real surprise that Alexys and Pericles fell for each other and also got married. Athena fortunate them, plus they were built with a good existence. They ruled their household with love, knowledge, and empathy, plus they grew to become advocates for that oppressed. Throughout their lifetime, these were instrumental in inciting change in their own individual and surrounding villages. Each of their sons were delivered to Athens to review under Aristotle, the truly amazing Greek philosopher and researcher, plus they continued to complete excellent achievements.

Whenever Alexys were built with a difficult decision to create or she and her family were dealing with tough occasions, she required strength from her pearls, and promised the pearls gave her knowledge. On her behalf earliest granddaughter’s 16th birthday, she gave her the necklace, and began a convention.

Inside your existence, you might have hard options to make, and what happens if you undergo rough patches. If only I possibly could exist to help you on the way and enable you to make a good decisions. However in my absence, take strength in the actions of the ancestors and also the pearls that you simply now put on.

Always do what feels in your heart, and don’t forget: the planet is the oyster.



Gem jewellery is exclusive in that it may be passed lower through many generations – not for 23 centuries, but as this is a imaginary story, we are permitted to take a few liberties. When looked after correctly, pearls could keep beautiful and lustrous, but you may want to restring them every couple of decades. Among the earliest gem necklaces we all know of this has survived a couple of centuries may be the La Peregrina, that is now about five-hundred years of age.