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Child Sexual Abuse: Strategies for Protecting Your Kids

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Child Abuse is when a parent or guardian whether through action or failure to act, cause injury, emotional harm, death or serious harm to a child. Most sex offenders normally are usually friends or a family member. They tend to be caring and jovial to your kids in other to gain their trust and feel safe with them. The rate of sex abuse in the society is gradually increasing, and of course, needs an immediate action either by the parents or society at large. Parents, most especially need to protect their kids from further abuse. There are five practical ways to safeguard your kids from plunders.

Engage Your Kids in a Discussion about their Day

Kids might not understand when to say no or yes to an adult, the reaction they might exhibit in the process of saying no, or how they intend to run away from an adult when the need arises. Build trust by regularly talking to them about their day and the friends they keep. Don’t give your kids room to feel Unsafe with you; they should feel relaxed and comfortable to tell you almost everything about their day. Then if your kid reports any strange attitude of others to you, it is now left for you to take proper action.

Become Educated on Sexual Abuse

It is possible that typical sexual plunder can assault 150 times without getting trapped in his own game. It is very vital that you teach your kids about the facts of sexual abuse, its outcome or its consequences should be emphasized on.

Look for Red Flags

Sex offenders often time gains the parents and their children’s trust before striking. They can fool you into thinking they are caring and trustworthy, buying of gifts, candy, and chocolates are equally used to get to your kids. You can easily prevent this by getting your kids chocolate gift baskets, and some other fanciful.

Know the Whereabouts of Your Kids

Most parents aren’t bothered about where their kids spend their time, who they are with and the purpose of heading out. It is advisable to know the type of friends your kids keep, their family, and ensure their reliability before letting your kids out.

Act If You Suspect Abuse

The case of Child Abuse in the country is of great increase today because most parents fail to take proper action towards child molestation. If you suspect your kids have been abused, report to the country’s police or any social services around you. They help to investigate the issue and take proper actions themselves.