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Decluttering and Organising your Writing Desk

Working in a cluttered desk will reduce your capacity to produce what your company is expecting from you.  You will have to spend extra time searching for materials or supplies, interrupting your workflow and thoughts. But, great things will happen when realise the importance of desk organisation. Decluttering and organising writing desks will reduce the time spent on searching and increase production time. Here are some ways you can consider to organise your desk:

Clear Everything Off the Desk

This is the first step to take to organise your desk. Ensure everything is out of your filing system, drawers, and cabinets. Also, decide what is worth keeping and ditching. While cleaning your desk, you may end up with huge piles and old conference swag on your floor. Clearing your desk of any items will help you identify those that should stay and those that can get rid of.

Clean the Space and Maintain It

After clutter your desk of any clutter, you will discover some dust accumulation behind the stack of unused office supplies and week-old memos. This is the best time to provide your desktop with a new start. Once you clean the space, make sure to keep it clean.

Decide which Piles will Go and Those will Stay

If you are like other people, you may like to hoard paper and projects. Some of them can be important while others stand the test of time so perhaps you want to give them their own folder. However, you need to organised these temporary papers and date them. Otherwise, just throw them in the bin. It can be hard as you start but it gets easier when you sort.

Moreover, you must decide which item goes in drawers and those that stay above the deck. When you restock your desk with the items you thoroughly vetted, decide which of them you can stow away and those you will use every day. Try to keep most items out of sight for a minimal, clean desk. You don’t want to continue to stare at items you will never get the chance to use.

Label Everything

Consider investing in a good labelmaker. This will save you the time you waste looking for things. Whether it is a stapler, a hard copy, or a folder, you may not have the time to waste looking for items you have misplaced. Staying organised is fairly easy when there is a place for everything.