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Don’t Buy Kids Trampolines If You Are Not Going To Implement These 4 Rules

Most of us, adults want to fly, feel the wind up there and drift in space even for a few precious seconds without the pull of gravity working in our mortal human bodies. And this is when we tried sky-diving, zip-line crossing, or jumping in giant-sized trampolines to discover how it felt like.

In addition to that, kids are no exception. They will often start to satisfy this overwhelming desire with playground swings and monkey bars then that rusty century-old slide over the side of the park, until they realized that those are not just enough. They have to experience more. Unlucky for you if they saw trampolines from their favorite TV programs or from your local toy websites such as, they will start nagging you to buy one for them.

Above the price, the high-level risk is what will really give you a lifetime’s worth of headache. Yet, don’t worry. If you don’t have anything left to stop your kid from hollering at the top of his lungs but a brand-new, house-built trampoline set, these four tips will help you lessen the risk of hurting them in the end.

  1. Your rules. Have them be clearly briefed of the rules you should create for their safety. Have them remember these two important things: a.) No jumping at the same time as they can bump with each other, enough to send them flying a few meters away from the soft cushion, and b.) No somersaulting while on midair as they can land wrong and hurt their neck or arms in the process.

The fact is, you need to strictly implement these ‘rules’ to avoid any unexpected accidents. If they are not going to adhere on your rules, then you shouldn’t purchase and set up one in your backyard.

  1. Your contingencies. No matter how precautious you are of your kid’s safety, dangers are just lurking around waiting for unreasonable reasons to attack. Thus, be sure to have a knowledgeable personnel about first aids and medication, around or nearby. They can be a really great help when the unwanted occurs.


  1. Your maintenance. Always check your equipment from damaged protective padding, net enclosure, or any parts. Have it replaced or repaired immediately before letting your kid play with those again. You can’t blame a faulty net in the end if your kid plummet down head first to the ground.
  1. Your presence. And lastly, never ever let them do the jumping without you or any adult supervision around. You can be a living reminder for them of the rules you created and you can be the emergency lifeline if something went wrong.

Now, are you still going to buy them trampolines or other Tiny Tiny Shop Shop kids outdoor play equipment? You must decide now. Because this is to remind you again that even with the things above, your kid’s safety will still not be guaranteed at a hundred percent. So, if you can divert their attentions to continuous bar swinging and to endless slide skidding or just the simple biking, do that then.

Fairytales and creative talking sometimes work too. But to make this simple, just don’t buy them trampolines now, especially if you’re going to forget the things above.