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‘Guess who’

Adult role play costumes can be a lot of fun to try around in the bedroom when you need to add some new excitement to your sex life. However, which one to pick can be quite tricky given the wide variety available. Therefore, here is a list of some the most popular and easily accessible adult role play costumes:

  1. Naughty student

It is many a man’s fantasy to have a sexy escapade with a naughty school girl. If your partner is one of them, cater to his desires by donning a skimpy school girl costume that consists of a tiny plead skirt and tight blouse that enhances your cleavage and midriff. You can add in suspenders or a tie with a pair of mesh stockings to complete the look.

  1. Sexy nurse

Who would not like to wake up to a hot nurse, bending over to care for all their needs? Get a sexy nurse costume, with a sheer dress, headgear, stockings and a stethoscope to make the look. The transparent dress shall give him an ample glimpse of your figure and yet maintain enough mystery to keep him wanting more. Pair the dress with a skimpy G-string and watch his lose his breath.

  1. Seductive belly dancer

If seductive dancing is your style, then a belly dancer costume may just do the trick for you. The costume consists of transparent harem pants with wide slits that attract attention to your legs, a fitting blouse that accentuates your bosom and a face veil that adds in character and a bit of mystery. This costume is sure to make you a complete, irresistible package.

  1. Playboy bunny

Playboy bunnies, with their 10/10 bodies and seductive poses have always been the centre of men’s sexual fantasies. Would it not be great if you too could be a playboy bunny and titillate your partner’s desires just as much? The naughty bunny lets you do just that with a transparent, fitted bodice that reveals your assets. Bunny years, satin collar, elegant black gloves and a faux fur boa complete the look of the ultimate sultry seductress.

  1. Sinful nun

It is always more exciting to eat the forbidden fruit. The sinful nun costume shall give your partner the same rush as he indulges in a dark fantasy without the bother of sinning.

  1. Sexy sports jersey

Few things are as sexy as a sweaty woman in a plunging sports jersey, running towards you. Watch your man go agape as he finds it tough to contain himself when you strut your stuff in the seductive sports role play costume.

  1. Holiday fever costumes

If you want to spice up your holiday sex, go for a special Christmas costume, which contains a fitted satin bodycon dress and a cute Santa hat, complete with faux fur detailing. The plunging neckline of the dress and sexy string detailing shall give him an eyeful of your inviting cleavage and you shall see his holiday spirits soar for sure.