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A Guide to Glow Novelties

  • The humble Glow Stick

I first encountered a glow novelty some several years ago whilst on an all-night fishing and ‘refreshment’ expedition. Feeling slightly under the influence of refreshments, I was having great difficulty holding my torch whilst trying to rebait the hook.

Suddenly, there appeared a bright light! And low I did see … my mate holding a glow stick. I was agog, was this witchcraft? Apparently not; however it was extremely effective and strangely surreal.

As good as the light was, I still managed to fall in the river and had to be taken home early. I digress …

Well, as you know, glow novelty sticks have developed at quite a pace. They’re even brighter, longer lasting and available in a rainbow of glorious, vibrant colours.

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Practical uses for glow sticks

The uses for these sticks of tricks are now manifold; from practical applications, such as, illuminating footways, hazard warning, quick fix for sudden power cuts, night walking/running etc. Oh, and of course, baiting fishing hooks!

Not surprisingly, glow sticks are regularly used by the emergency services. Their practical uses are only limited by our imaginations.

However, as practical as glow stick are, their appeal as ‘party’ novelties is simply massive; and it’s not just glow sticks, we’re talking a whole range of stunning glow novelties that’ll take your breath away.

  • The novelty glow party phenomena!

Glow novelties are on everyone’s’ party list; be that for their wedding, birthday celebrations or any other good-time event. As I’ve mentioned, the range of glow novelties products has expanded, it’s now a bursting industry of innovation.

The glow stick is still a big hit, however it has since evolved and been joined by an army of other ingenious, eye-catching, and often hilarious, glow novelties.

From glow spectacles, glow drinking straws, bracelets, to a crazy set of hilarious glowing bunny ears.

LED glowing balloons are worthy of a special note, they are an extremely popular item coming in a spectrum of colours. Once activated they can stay lit for up to fifteen hours! What’s more, LED technology is used in many other glow products; LED illuminated ‘crazy hair’ particularly caught this author’s attention … although any hair would be a welcome bonus.  

There’s much more besides, wall decorations, ‘laser’ swords and ornaments; all combine to create a riot of colour and vibrancy to any night time event.

  • Where can I get glow novelties?

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Their minimum order charge, for free postage, is just £10, so you can experience the products before committing further.

Visit GlowTopia now for further insight and information.

Anyway, I’m now about to order some glow sticks, in the hope I can persuade my wife to lift her 30 year fishing ban!