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High Quality And Super Stylish Performance Based Pedicure Chair

Pedicure is one of the popular services in the spa as it effectively refreshes body and mind. In today’s hectic and stressful life proper pedicure significantly destress the tension within short period of time. Nowadays pedicure owning spa is a desirable business and most of the aspirants want to step into it for gaining huge profit. Some of the renowned companies like JAUSA with their amazing spa equipments and post sale services help the spa business to grow immensely.

Impressive look

Stylish and comfortable chairs well suited with the interior of the spa incredibly enhance the appearance of the spa and attract new customers as it is well said that the appearance does matter. The spa should be designed as such the moment the customers enter the spa they should feel great and after availing the desired service they should be highly satisfied.

So choose the spa equipments, accessories, appliances and furniture carefully from a reputed brand as they will largely decide the magnitude of success of the business. Give preference to the comfortability of the chair as the quality of the services depends on the features of the chair and professionalism of the staff.

Reliable brand

It is advisable to choose a brand that has good reputation in the market and deal with all types of pedicure spa related services. Before choosing any brand do some research about the prices, features, advantages, disadvantages, etc. of each brand and then come to a conclusion. Nowadays with the help of internet everyone can get instant information and can compare the websites of different brand conveniently from the comfort of home.

Reading reviews, rating and testimonials is immensely beneficial for getting accurate idea about the reputation of the brand and quality of the products. Most of the reputed brands offer high quality pedicure product with proper warranty for certain period. Most of the chairs are made up of sturdy material it lasts long but as the chairs grow older they need proper maintenance. All the reputed brands have their skilled technician team who are available at any time as per client’s request.

Outstanding features

Every business has its own challenges so does pedicure spa business. Selecting appropriate chairs for the spa is indeed a challenging task. Effective and attractive chairs are real assets of the spa business so choose the chairs that suit well with the environment of the spa and also fit well in your budget.

Some of the features that are expected from high performance chair are as follows:

  • Seat has to be extremely comfortable and adjustable as per customer’s comfort.  Recline seat options are highly desirable. The footrest, armrest and footrest should be adjusted effortlessly either by the staff or the customer.
  • The remote control options to control the speed and intensity of the massage by the customers themselves.
  • Well sanitation, drainage and plumbing system of soaking tub. Most of the spa owners prefer pipeless technology for maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Wide range of inbuilt massage features such as heat, vibration, Shiatsu, etc.
  • The entertainment features such as speaker, video, laptop table, etc.