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How Should Men Layer Clothing in Winter?

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Winter can be cold to the point of complete cruelty and you might want to put on every single piece of clothing you have. You can simply do away with a t shirts for men during the summer, but you can manage just with that through the harsh winter. That doesn’t mean you should look frumpy wrapping yourself in big, heavy puffy coats. The following tricks will help you beat the cold in a comfortable, effective and stylish manner.

  1. For each visible layer, you should pick a garment that could be worn on its own. It simply means that you can choose a flimsy shirt for the under layer as it is not visible, but nothing flimsy or tacky can be chosen to be worn outside. Picking a sleeveless cotton shirt for the bottom layer would be the ideal choice as it is comfortable.
  2. As you move outwards, the hems should start getting longer. It means the sports jacket should be longer than the inner layer and shorter than the coat, which you are planning to wear as the outermost layer.
  3. When you are putting on too many layers, there are bound to be many colours, but try to keep some tuning between them with only one or two taking the attention. For instance, if your trouser is bright, don’t pair it with an equally bright shirt or a muffler. So, use just one or two bright colours and rest should complement them by being mute.
  4. Pay attention to how to scale your patterns. You can either go from lightest to strongest or vice versa. It simply translates to the fact that if the outermost layer has bold and heavy patterns then as you move inwards they should start getting restrained. Don’t adorn layers with virtually no chemistry. The change from one layer to the other should be gentle and gradual and not abrupt and haphazard.

Before going for one layer after the other, you should know the practical function that each layer performs. For instance, the innermost layer is not to be seen, but should be of stuff that is lightweight and breathable.

Layering is an art to master the combining of various pieces of clothing to protect you from harsh winter weather, but at the same time, it should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Bio: Ankur Tiwari is a renowned name in the fashion circuit. He has been giving expert advice on men’s grooming for long.