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Know What Types Of A Gift Giver Is Giving You The Gift?

Indeed, both giving and receiving of gift is a complicated matter! Can you confirm that giving gift is far better than receiving? You may quote the Bible or other religious scripts or form the sayings of eminent persons about the supremacy of giving gifts over receiving. But one basic fundamental question to answer, have you ever felt the thrills and satisfaction of receiving a gift from a beloved? If you are open minded and optimistic, then you will definitely feel satisfied and encouraged while receiving a gift. Receiving a gift confirm that the other person likes and loves you and acknowledges your contribution in his or her life. When somebody gifts you, he or she silently thanks you for the good things you have done for her or him, provided he is genuine. If you genuinely intend to gift somebody, get the best and appropriate as well as affordable gifts from Concept Plus Canadian promotional items.

However, some experts say that family times in religious and festive occasions do give happiness and a sense of wellbeing but not the gifts both giving or receiving. Kennon M. Sheldon and Tim Kasser, the eminent psychologists divided the outcome of Christmas occasion into 7 types. They are (1) time with the family, (2) participating in various religious activities, (3) maintaining cultural traditions, (4) spending time and money on gifts, (5) receiving presentations and gifts, (6) helping others, and (7) food and drinks and other types of enjoyments. The psychologists further confirm that though we spend a lot of time and money on purchasing gifts and wrapping them, in fact, gifts contribute very little to holiday or festival joy.

Importantly, the gift reveals the nature and character of the gift giver and the motives behind gifting. Many gifts are exchanged like Christmas gifts. But it is always unpleasant to receive bad gifts as well as giving too. Many experts have termed this “the dark side of the gift”. Often, the receivers get insulted, disheartened and disappointed by receiving a bad gift. People may not remember the gifts, but they will always remember the feeling of receiving a bad gift.

 In most cases, you can understand the motive of gift giver from the type of his or her gift. A woman on her first year Christmas gifts sent a lot of them for her entire in-laws including children and elderly. In return, when she unwrapped their gift packet, she was surprised to find only one gift for her husband. Out of sheer reaction, she sent only one gift in the next Christmas and says while sending only one gift, instead of feeling good she felt stupid and pathetic. However, in return, she again found only one gift for her husband. She further says she understood the message.

Therefore, the bottom line is knowing your gift giver and receive the gifts.