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Running Hours & Ticket Prices to Enter Ciwidey White Crater

If you would like to visit the Ciwidey Kawah Putih Tour, you should look closely at the schedule. This area is available every day, but just by 07.00 to 17.00.

So, if it comes too late, you may undoubtedly be satisfied to appreciate its beauty. Ensure you have loads of time to have the ability to enjoy the scenery in this White Crater.

To put in the location, you have to pay an 18,000 / person, although, for overseas tourists, the price is Rp. 50,000 / person.

The cost we have to pay is certainly not too expensive to have the ability to delight in the charm of exceptional all-natural beauty. Surely this beauty cannot be found elsewhere.

Public transport

If you take a bus, then you can get away in Lewis Panjang Terminal. By Lewis Panjang, you can go out to the front gate of the terminal and then choose L300 angst that goes to Ciwidey.

After arriving at Ciwidey then proceed to Ride the yellowish angst that extends to Ciwidey – Situ Patenggang and get off at the intersection of the front gate of the White Crater.

If you use the train services, you can get off at Bandung Station.

Bus and get off at Ciwidey terminal. Then go again by choosing a yellowish angkot that goes to Ciwidey – Situ Pantenggang and down in the entrance gate.

If you use a plane, from Husein Sastranegara Airport, have a green angkot with the purpose of Leuwi Panjang. Then proceed by accepting an L300 public transport majoring in Ciwidey.

To enter the White Crater itself, visitors but if you do not need to be tired, you may use the automobile Ontang Anting. Ontang Anting is specialized transportation in the kind of a modified minibus into an open automobile. To ride, you have to purchase Ontang Anting Tickets for IDR 13,000 / person. The ticket itself can be purchased along with the submission ticket. After buying a ticket, you along with other groups must queue for ticket assessing.


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