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These backpack sourcing mistakes could cost you a great deal


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Is the back to school season just round the corner? Are you concerned that you should get good quality backpacks for your kids? Are you also equally concerned about the cost of the backpacks as you experience price increase every year? Ordering backpacks might look like a trivial task but it not such a trivial task and making mistakes in the sourcing process would cost you a great deal.

When it comes to price vs quality debate always put quality first because that is the best way to save money. Most parents fail to see the point here and end up losing money under the pretext of saving money while buying school bags for girls and boys. When you focus only on the price all the other factors take a backseat. You tend to forget about the quality of the backpacks you order. Inferior quality backpacks will not last for long. You will be forced to replace the school supplies spending more money now than what you should have. You could have easily avoided the double expense by paying attention to the quality of the backpacks.

Under the pretext of being busy, many parents wait until the last minute to order the backpacks and other school supplies. This could cost you a great deal both in terms of quality as well as money. How will you screen the suppliers if you are going to order in the last minute. You will need considerable amount of time to review many suppliers. If you choose to buy the backpacks in the last minute you will be able to just review one or two stores and that too would be rushed making the whole screening process useless.

Not considering alternative sourcing option is also a common mistake among the parents. They do not consider ordering the backpacks from the wholesalers. As a result they lose on the benefits of wholesale backpacks. When you order the backpacks in wholesale you will be able to get an entire case of backpacks which will contain 24 bags for the price of 3 or 4 backpacks. If you can have such a huge price advantage then why don’t you not consider ordering the backpacks from the wholesale suppliers?

Those who prudently choose to order form wholesale backpack store think that all the wholesalers are the same and order from some random supplier. Not screening the wholesaler before ordering will strip you off of all the benefits of buying from a wholesale store. Here again you will need a lot of time to screen your suppliers. Last minute shopping will make things challenging for you and it will only ruin your experience.

If you want to give the best school supplies for your kids do not make any of the above mistakes. You will need the most impressive suppliers to take care of  your needs. Pick your wholesale backpack stores in advance so that when it is time for shopping you know where to go.