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Top Cheap Baby Strollers

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby and perhaps looking for a safest jogging stroller, which will not burst the bank. We have taken a quick look at cheap baby strollers, and if you are interested, you should visit for different types of strollers that are both affordable but do not compromise on quality.

1. Summer Infant 2014 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Lightweight with an aluminium frame, this 15.4-pound stroller provides good support to the baby while remaining both hardy and durable. This stroller has a collapsible frame that allows for ease of transportation and storage, as well as anti-shock wheels, which make for a smooth ride for your child. The wheels also have lockable gear with different settings for different terrain to give a firm lock no matter the surface you are on.

This stroller also features a large undercarriage storage place for all your baby’s needs such as diapers and toys. The seat of the stroller has multiple reclining levels for the comfort of your baby and is padded to give optimal comfort.

  1. Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

Ultra-lightweight at 11 pounds, this aluminium frame stroller is designed to fold easily for greater ease of handling. It comes with a carry bag, which allows easy carrying, and storage of the stroller when not in use. The seat reclines in 2 fixed positions – upright or at a 70-degree angle.

The canopy at the top is removable for ease of cleaning while the wheels of the stroller rest on a suspension system, ensuring comfort and stability for your child over all types of surfaces.

  1. Graco LiteRider Clock Connect Stroller

This stroller weights 16.8 pounds and also comes with the ability to collapse and fold, allowing easy storage. Both folding and setting up of the stroller can be done one-handed with a latch mechanism which helps ease the process. The stroller seat has multiple reclining positions and a 5-point safety harness for your ease of mind.

This stroller gives parents an option of connecting an infant seat to either the front or the rear without the use of adaptors, allowing ease when travelling. The stroller also has an undercarriage storage basket to hold everything your child needs.

  1. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Measuring 15.9 pounds, this stroller has an aluminium frame that is both light and sturdy. The seat reclines to several fixed positions and comes in seat covers, which are easy to clean. Featuring a 5-point safety harness, parents can adjust the harness to ensure their child is securely strapped in. This harness secures your child without limiting their movements, allowing freedom to play.

The stroller wheels come as four sets of double wheels, with the front wheels on a suspension system that promises for a smooth ride no matter the terrain while the rear wheels have a locking mechanism, which can be activated with your foot. The canopy of this stroller also comes with a sun visor to shield your child’s face when out playing in the sun.