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Your Guide to Buying a Display Case

Selecting the right display case depends directly on the way you plan to use it. The product includes display cases for museums, commercial cases for shops, home display cases, or similar projects. There are also display cases that would fit the size requirements of the space which you plan to place the case. With different variations of cases, sometimes it might seem difficult to find the appropriate cases for your needs. But with few tips in mind, you can be assured to find the best type of display case for you.

Types of Display Cases

Either you are choosing a refrigerated display case for the establishment of food or a curio cabinet, your choices aren’t limited. You can minimize cost to save some money and find a used and vintage display cases which arestill in good condition.

While commercial display cases may include bakery display cases, jewelry display cases, refrigerated display cases, glass display case, and museum display cases, there are also some home display cases like curio cabinets, shelving units, china cabinets, acrylic display case, and wall-mount display cases.

Display cases usually protect the object placed inside yet maintaining a full view of the object inside. You may choose any case depending on the features you require for objects you choose to showcase.

Selecting a Display Case

You should know what exactly you want to display before choosing or selecting a display case, measure and record the location you have chosen for the display case and takethese measurements along with you as you shop for the case. During the purchase, you should consider what type of display you are choosing, its size, and the material makeup. And how cool it displays the object inside it.

Other Key factors:


You should determine the type of display case you want when choosing a display case. i.e., Consider choosing a lighted display case that has a glass shelf and light that reflects every part of the display case if your plan is to display crystal collection. Also, consider a Chinese cabinet if you plan to display dishes. Select a curved glass bakery case with glass shelves and enough lightning to showcase your baked items if you operate a bakery.


The space available and the size of your collection in the location you have selected would determine the type of display case you should buy. measuring the length, width, height,anddepth should be carefully done. This is to ensure you select a display case that fit in your desired location.


Considering the materials used in a display case is also a good option. Display case comes in various materials, includingglass, plastic, acrylics, plexiglass or sometimes containwooden frames. High-quality material should be selected for the more durable case. You can check some stores like Displetech for high-quality display cases.

Refrigerator/climate control

Few commercial display cases require climate control or refrigerating. Examples are display cases for cold drinks, sandwiches, wines and other items that need to be stored at low temperature. And also, items that require plenty of heat, a display case that has internal heating unit should be selected.


Selecting the type of shelves to use in your display case also affects how your items appear. Examples, glass shelves enable or reflect light throughout the case,and all items remain visible, however, metal shelves or wooden shelves blocks light from reflecting.


Considering a mounted display case is also a good idea in order to save floor space. Check the wall where you have chosen to mount your display case, does it contain studs for secure mounting? Also, check its weight ratings to ensure that your items do not exceed its weight limits.